"Much in the same way an Inuit hunter sits down with a raw piece of stone and a rudimentary file, no forethought as to what he will create, the stone will speak to him.

And as it is with me, I approach my canvas with nothing more than a feeling, emotion or a mood. Through the need to express my emotions and the urgency to speak to the resulting issues of Western societiesʼ collision with Arctic tribal peoples traditional way of living, I paint through these emotions employing metaphor, minimalism, spatial exploration and symbolism.

After building up a foundation of paint, usually acrylic, but not exclusively and other disparate media I will often carve into the paint revealing various colors and the resultant image, utilizing line and texture much in the same way that hunter does to his piece of stone.

In PAINTINGS 2 I explore place and emotion through space and 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional form. What we think we know and understand is filtered through our misconception, distance and arrogance. In this expanding body of work I use various techniques with oil paint in which to convey the obscured and hampered clarity that we have of a complex society truly unknown to a large percentage of western consciousness.

The paintings are as much about my feelings as they are a narrative on a vast and seemingly emptiness of a torn apart, ignored and largely forgotten part of our world.

Like the canary in the mine shaft, the northern peoples way of life is the early warning system. They hold up the mirror to us and our current way of living."

Lindsay Dakota