Lindsay Dakota has always been a painter and several years ago he developed into a full time artist.

Having worked through various painting techniques and styles of work, Lindsayʼs work has evolved into the style represented currently. His love for the emotion, contrast and stark beauty of the north and its people and mythology makes its way into his work. Form and line dominate over color.

While never receiving an educational degree, Dakota nonetheless has had extensive training through formal workshops, classes and mentoring programs. Lindsayʼs background in design helped hone his techniques and knowledge of material. In addition to classical training in figure study, composition, drawing and painting techniques Lindsayʼs appetite for knowledge has seen him study and revere all forms of art history.

Lindsay Dakota has started to participate in juried competitions and has shown in group exhibitions at the groundbreaking ACFCLA show at the Barnsdall Gallery and the Lanaca Gallery both in Los Angeles. Lindsay is also a founding member in the artistic group ACFCLA. Currently Lindsay is placed in private and corporate collections in Los Angeles, Montreal and Vancouver.